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On Legoland and Workflowy

It’s this week! The kids have no idea at all!

They are all coming back from their grandparents this afternoon, and I am feeling not at all like myself, having a)had an evening out with the husband, b)slept till 11am and c) had breakfast in bed….anyway, that’s beside the point. What I wanted to do with this post is share a really useful tool, that I started using for work ages ago and, pretty quickly adopted for home life too.

It’s a free app called Workflowy , available through your browser, or as an Android/IOS app. It is amazingly simple – but incredibly effective. For work, I use it as a brain dump to organise my thoughts before writing a project plan, and then to keep track of progress. For home, I am using it as a basis for the House Project  – but I also use it for packing for trips – here’s my Legoland list for example. Depending on when you’re reading this there may even be some items crossed out!!   The link I’ve shared is non-editable by others – but you can share editable lists too – which is incredibly useful if, unlike me, you don’t mind people messing with your carefully crafted system. And it doesn’t matter if I’m out and about, and think of something, because it syncs to my phone – how cool is that! (I admit that I am coming late to technology, and such clever things as syncing still amaze me!!!)

OK – I should probably make a start on the actual packing bit now. But if you want to know more, check out this video – and I’d love to hear about anything similar that you use – tweet @michelledavis or comment below!