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Right here, right now – my biggest boy

My biggest boy, the last in my series of ‘right here, right now’ posts. This time nine years ago I was 34 weeks through an easy pregnancy, and blown away by the fact that I was soon to meet my long awaited baby. Nine years!

He is growing into a little man faster than I am ready for! Already nearly as tall as me, he managed to actually lift me off my feet yesterday – no mean feat as I’m not as spritely as I once was, by any means. We occasionally go running together and though he claims to be ‘rubbish’, I’m pretty sure he’ll be outrunning me in the not too distant future. His stamina amazes me – two hours of canoeing on a Sunday doesn’t seem to leave him remotely tired – though he can and does eat like a horse afterwards!

My nearly-nine-year old is brilliant company. He is a serious soul with plenty to say, and while he can hold his own in a group, he’s always much happier with a on-on-one conversation, and I cherish our chats after his sister and brother have fallen asleep. It’s then he takes me on tours of the creative and complex Minecraft worlds he has built, full of roller coasters and tree houses and amazing creations that he is constantly tweaking and perfecting day by day. I’m astounded by the thought and the imagination that he puts into these creations, and though I was sceptical about the game itself at first, I can see that he is gaining a great deal from being able to create and manage his own private places, even just in a virtual sense.

It’s also during these post-bedtime chats that he shares with me his worries about life, which sometimes overwhelm him to the point where he goes into major meltdown mode. We’ve been working together to find ways to head off a meltdown before it takes over completely, and also talking a lot recently about how it’s as important for him to be kind to himself, as it is to be kind to others. This last point seems to have resonated with him more than any other confidence-building strategies I have tried, and I’m so, so happy to see him enter his tenth year in a much calmer and happier frame of mind…long may it continue!

I’ve written before about taking small steps with my lovely, big hearted boy, and now it seems he is taking small steps of his own – recently his browsing history included the phrase ‘how to deal with disappointment’ in amongst the endless Minecraft and Stampy Longnose based queries. I found this heartbreaking at the time – but on reflection I think perhaps it shows a developing maturity and a growing realisation that he is not helpless in the face of whatever life throws at him.

Though part of me wishes it wasn’t happening so soon, I’m proudly watching the way my biggest boy is taking the first steps towards the grownup world – he walked the short distance to his best friend’s house on his own yesterday, and he’s also been on an errand to the local shop for the Husband – something which he was very chuffed about indeed. He’s started wandering off to the kitchen to make his own toast at random times of the day , and asking me to make him the odd cup of tea – all small rites of passage on the growing-up journey…I only hope the next years don’t fly past too quickly!

My biggest boy, there’s so much to love about you, and I hope with all my heart that you are beginning to understand that.

right here, right now

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Right here, right now – my girl-in-the-middle

Next up in my ‘right here, right now’ posts – my lovely little girl in the middle, who is a ray of sunshine in all our lives.

Nearly seven years have seen her change from a very fun, but extremely high-maintenance baby, to a happy, thoughtful and kind hearted little girl. I am loving every minute I spend with her, and I’m so, SO proud of the way she thinks carefully about the effect her actions have on others. It’s rare for her to be unkind but she is on occasion provoked by one of her brothers, and her instantaneous sharp put-down is always followed soon after by an effort to be extra kind to whichever of them has (usually deservedly) been on the receiving end.

My girl is a determined little soul, and once she has decided to do something, she won’t stop until she has mastered it – my goodness, that girl is a tryer! She decided to learn to read this time last year (note, SHE decided!) and watching her progress over the last 12 months has left me astounded at her ability to put her mind to something and master it absolutely. I wrote recently about her learning to ride a bike – once again, she made the decision and that was it, she was NOT going to leave the park unless it was on two wheels. This is an aspect of her personality that we are seeing more and more of as she develops, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where it takes her.

What’s lovely is that despite her determination and the high standards she sets herself, my girl is still so happy and so ready to embrace life and all the fun it offers. If we’re in the house, she is constantly singing her heart out – and if we’re out and about, she doesn’t walk to places, she skips and dances her way to them! Despite this giving me occasional blood pressure when she skips a bit too close to oncoming traffic, it actually makes my heart leap to see such a happiness in her soul.

This stage seems extra special to me, because I feel as if it’s the last few months we will have of her being a truly ‘little’ girl. Right now, she knows every word to every song on her One Direction album – but doesn’t have a clue as to the names of the band or indeed what they look like. She chooses her clothes because she likes them, rather than because she is aware of any trends or fashion; and though she loves Dr Who, she’ll happily watch Octonauts or Tree Foo Tom with her little brother. I wonder how long this lovely stage of innocence will last – I suspect that moving up to the Juniors in September will bring some changes and that’s something that makes me really quite sad. But at the same time, I’m very excited to see what life will bring to my girl in the middle – or more accurately, what she will bring to life.

My girl in the middle. We’re all lucky to have you, in so many ways, and though you don’t know it yet, the world will be a better place with you in it.


Quiet beach moments


I’m linking up with Magic Moments over at The Olivers Madhouse – there’s a bunch of posts over there full of happiness and joy, pop over and have a look!

Right here, right now – my littlest boy

Back in September last year I wrote a post called ‘What I love about my kids right now’, trying to capture them as they were at that moment in time, so that I’d have something to look back on on my fast approaching dotage. It’s a theme I was planning to revisit every six months or so, and it’s a measure of how fast their childhood is slipping away that I’m pretty much a month late…but over the next three weeks I’ll be doing a ‘right here, right now’ post for each of them in turn.

Staring with the youngest – my baby. My lovely, happy, bonus baby, now a very opinionated 4 year old. I can’t get away with calling him a baby within earshot any more, because ‘4 is actually nearly grownup you know, Mummy’. But I can still, just, get away with pretending he’s still a baby when he crawls in for early morning cuddles with me. He still carries the chubby cwtchiness of a toddler for a few moments before he is fully awake, and I cling on to those moments with all my heart. Until he prises open my eyes and asks me for the millionth time why I won’t download Minecraft on my phone, or or if it is a weekend day (this to establish if the high sugar cereals are coming out for breakfast) or why I won’t get up RIGHT NOW to play jigsaws, or make pancakes, or tell the rain to stop.

Once up, he’s on the go non-stop, grabbing life with both hands. Everything is a race or a competition – the people of Canton are no doubt used to my apologetic smile as he whizzes past them on his scooter, yelling ‘Lo-SER’. Sorry about that. He loves playing board games of any sort, and holds his own pretty well with his big brother and sister – he’s not yet a graceful loser himself, but we’re working on that…

He sings away unselfconsciously until he realises someone is listening, then he’ll turn on what he thinks is the charm and start substituting various key words for other, more scatalogical ones…I try not to laugh at this but sometimes it’s tricky! He is absolutely delighted with his ability to burp on cue (thank his big brother and sister for this) and he’s also a great fan of ‘pardon me for being so rude, it was not me it was my food, it came up here to say hello, and now it’s gone back down below’ – several months after someone taught him this, the charm has apparently not worn off. For him, anyway…

Something lovely that’s happening at the moment is that he’s really grateful for totally random things. Yesterday he said ‘I’m so pleased I’ve got knees, Mummy, because they help me run fast’. Today it was ‘We’re really lucky towels were invented Mummy, because they get me warm and dry super-quickly after my bath’. It is a joy (and sometimes a lesson well taught) to share my life with someone who seems programmed to see the best in everything, and to be thankful for it.

My lovely, beautiful bonus baby. It’s my turn to be grateful for you, for bringing so much joy into our lives.


I’m linking up with Magic Moments over at The Olivers Madhouse – there’s a bunch of posts over there full of happiness and joy, pop over and have a look!