Our summer of football

I wasn’t expecting the World Cup to make much difference to our Summer one way or the other, except for the Husband’s inevitable slump when England got knocked out. Yes, he’s a Welshman. Yes, he supports England at football, though never, ever at rugby. No, I don’t understand – apparently ‘it’s complicated’.

Anyway, complicated aside, all the world cup really meant for me was the opportunity to binge watch everything on my Netflix list in peace and quiet while the Husband watched the matches on the TV. And of course to get fleeced on the ubiquitous Panini stickers and Match Attax cards, not to mention deflecting the endless begging for Fifa 14 on the Wii.

And indeed all that did happen, as expected. What was a real surprise though was that along with all that, they seemingly couldn’t get enough of playing the game itself! Yes! With a real ball! In the fresh air! In teams! With vitamin-c packed oranges at half time! That’s, like, LOADS of good parenting points RIGHT THERE! *polishes halo*

As soon as school was out the three of them would head into the garden to play three-and-in. If the Husband was home, he was pressed into service for a two on two match (no, before you ask, my co-ordination skills are apparently not up to scratch – I was pretty quickly demoted to bringer of snacks). But to be honest I was happy watching – watching my biggest boy’s confidence in his ability improving day by day; watching my girl in the middle refusing to be outdone by the three boys, and watching my littlest boy learning that the world doesn’t stop when he’s not on the winning side. Took a while, that last one, mind.

It  won’t be long now until the shorter days put paid to pre-bedtime garden kickabouts, and of course the World Cup excitement has long since faded into the background. But for the moment, we’re squeezing as much fun as we can from our Summer of Football!

Throw in
You need a hi-vis for a throw-in you know.
Football in the garden
Spot the ball…


Football Skillz
We call her Golden Crocs.

I’m linking up with  #Countrykids with Coombe Mill – why not head over for more fun and frolics in the fresh air, and plenty of inspiration to enjoy the great outdoors!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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8 thoughts on “Our summer of football

  1. Great to see all of them get so involved and loving it. Ourkids love playing outside on bikes and scooters but I’ve been trying to get them interested in kicking a football about too. Funnily enough, it’s two-year-old Kara rather than her two older brothers who shows the greatest degree of interest and aptitude!
    Tim recently posted…Silent Sunday 21/9/14My Profile

  2. Our back garden has always been used as a make shift football pitch. The grass bears the scars to prove it. But the latest game is to try and throw the ball over the house. Not very sensible as if they succeed it involves a dash through the house to save it going onto the road and gravity taking it rolling down to the main road some 200 feet away. Boy versus ball. On the positive their sprinting skills have improved!

  3. Lovely photos – they all look like they’re having so much fun. Always great to be able to get outdoors lots to play and they look like they’re enjoying playing football together 🙂
    Louise recently posted…Silent SundayMy Profile

  4. It’s encouraging to hear that it has inspired them to go and play outside. We don’t do football here (4 boys too) apart from an after school activity. In fact they don’t really even go for a kick about with their dad at the park – I may suggest they do that then he can see how much better they have got with these lessons.
    Pinkoddy recently posted…Kids out PlayingMy Profile

  5. I think that that is one of the best thing about sports being visible, it inspires kids and adults alike one way or another. And the football that you are playing in your garden looks more awesome than world cup =) #countrykids
    Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) recently posted…LateMy Profile

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