Review – Disney Worlds of Fantasy on Ice

‘Best night ever’ So said my little girl when I asked her what I should write about the evening that she and and two of her friends have just spent at the Disney Worlds Of Fantasy on Ice show in Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena.

Anything else you think I should write? I enquired hopefully…but no luck. ‘What else is there to say? It was just the Best. Night. EVER! Thanks Mum, you’re brilliant!!’

Well, I’m not going to argue with that, ha! But I do feel it would be somewhat churlish to accept free tickets and then post a three word review, however heartfelt. So given my six year old is clearly not going to help, and her two friends have been despatched to their respective homes, here’s the thoughts of a forty-two year old…

Having not been to an ‘Ice Spectacular’ before, or in fact any Disney live shows, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and it’s fair to say I wasn’t prepared for just how magical the set and effects were. Right from the word go, the show was a fantastic visual spectacle, with four different Disney words colourfully woven into one story.

My girl and her friends were bubbling over with excitement as Mickey and Minnie started their journey, and were absolutely thrilled that, after a short interlude with Lightning McQueen and his Cars chums, the sea came rolling in, heralding the introduction of the Little Mermaid and her quest for Prince Eric – a story that ended with a kiss and a big cheer from the audience. Barely had we dipped our hands into our popcorn when we were introduced to Tinkerbell’s world, the part that my daughter was looking forward to the most – she wasn’t disappointed! Tinkerbell’s story was presented beautifully, with plenty of flying action and a spectacular finale as Spring broke out everywhere all around us.

The second half of the show was set on the wonderful world of Toy Story 3, and rocked along with plenty of energy and a couple of favourite songs – The Toys Are Back In Town certainly had me singing along in my seat, as did Kung Fu Fighting, Rescue Me, and Walking on Sunshine…This did not impress my daughter, who had that look in her eyes as if to say ‘MUM! I’m with my FRIENDS!’ Ooops. Never mind, her eyes soon turned back to the show where the Toys were working together to escape from the dastardly Lotso. What amazed me in this bit was the number of poor skaters who had to be the back end of various animals – Bullseye, Slinky Dog, Hamm – I can’t believe there wasn’t at least one icy disaster before the Toys made their final escape to be played with happily ever after.

What a brilliant show! The skaters were amazing, as were the colours and the special effects – sometimes we literally did not know where to look, there was so much going on. It was a lovely night for my girl and her friends, and even their hardened, cynical mother might just have been a little caught up in the Disney magic!

If you’re based in Cardiff and looking for a special treat to finish up the holidays, Disney Worlds of Fantasy on Ice is on at 7pm Thurs 24th and Fri 25th, then three shows on Saturday 26th at 11am, 2.45pm, and 6.30pm, and the two final shows at 12noon and 4pm on Sunday 27th. My absolute top tip would be to take food and drink with with you rather than buy it at the Arena – or you could end up spending the ticket price again. That aside, I’d highly recommend a trip through those Worlds of Fantasy – it’ll warm the cockles of your heart!

**Disclosure – we were kindly invited to see the show by Woody, Buzz and friends in exchange for this review**


Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy
Jessie, Woody and Buzz

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