On Hoops and Crosses

I’m a bit of a crisp addict so when the folk from Walkers got in touch to ask me to do a review of their new Hoops and Crosses I was delighted, to put it mildly. So imagine my disappointment to discover that it was my KIDS who would be doing the reviewing! Pah! It’s me that does all the writing and tweeting and wordpress wrestling to bring LearnerMother to the world, so surely it should be me that gets to eat the crisps! Well, ‘corn snacks’ in this case, but whatevs. THE GOODIES SHOULD BE FOR ME!

Apparently it doesn’t work like that. I totally failed in my efforts to sneak the Hoops and Crosses upstairs and stuff them in peace and quiet under the duvet (don’t judge, you’ve been there).  The gang of three managed to co-ordinate their efforts – one looked heartbroken, one put on the cute you-know-I’m-worth-it face, and one muttered sarcastically about how I’m always on at THEM to share. So – never one to miss an opportunity – I bundled the Hoops and Crosses in with a going to bed on time and being generally nice to me deal. (Again – you KNOW you’ve been there.)

So – what was the verdict? Well, I was hoping they’d hate them so I could eat them but that didn’t happen, unfortunately…there was a resounding thumbs up from them all – they all agreed that they tasted a bit like Monster Munch, which is high praise indeed from the elder ones.

I did get to try half a hoop myself – we’d been sent the Roast Beef flavour, which was pretty tasty (though I am a die-hard ready salted fan FYI Walkers, in case you want to send some crisps JUST FOR ME) . The texture is kind of like Monster Munch but the pieces aren’t so big and the taste is not as sharp, which is probably why the youngest said he liked them better.

Would I buy them for me? Probably not – I’d always go for common or garden crisps if I was buying – but I’d more than happily eat someone else’s.

Would I buy them for the kids? Well, they’re like all crisp-type snacks in that I wouldn’t want them to have them every day,  but on a weekend or for a packed lunch on a school trip, yep – I’d be happy for them to have these. I particularly like the small packet size (18g) which means they feel they’ve lucked out in getting their own packet each without me fretting too much about salt and fat content. And they are made from wholegrain so I get a few Good Mother points there too. Bonus!

AVAILABILITY – The Hoops and Crosses range are available in 6 packs for around £1.79 in most supermarkets

DISCLOSURE – The Hoops and Crosses were sent to me free of charge; Walkers have paid me for this post (though they didn’t tell me what to write).

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