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On being Liebstered



You know those times when you have like 54 unfinished blog posts clogging up your drafts, yet you can’t finish any of them because a)some other dastardly blogger just wrote a post on that exact same topic, and wrote it much better than you ever could, b) you have forgotten what  on earth possessed you to start writing about THAT, or c) they just aren’t going quite right somehow? Welcome to my world, right now!

But – hurrah – help is here in the form of a Triple Whammy Liebster! I’ve been tagged by Anita, the sparkly lady behind Trawlergirl, a lovely blog full of ideas for all sorts of celebrations – which even comes with the completely free ‘Inspiration Board’ service for any event you might be planning! And then the icing on the cake was being tagged by the frankly amazing @mrboosmum , who writes one of my must-read blogs, Premmeditations – a brilliantly written and always engaging record of her life as a Mum to Sissyboo and Boo. Finally the candle on the icing on the cake was a tag from Nicola at Doubtful Mum, who in her own words is ‘ranting, laughing, raving and crying as I go’ – probably explains why I enjoy her blog so much! Thank you all, you lovely ladies!

So – Liebstering for the uninitiated…it’s a great way of shouting about and sharing your favourite blogs. Basically you answer some questions set by the lovely person who tagged you, then you tag some others, who then answer some questions which you dream up. The number of questions varies – I was tagged once before and the magic number was eleven, which is what Trawlergirl has gone for, though Nicola’s done ten and Mr Boo’s Mum has gone for three. I’m going to compromise at nine, because, well, I can only blog with beer and I reckon I can get nine questions answered and another nine made up before I get to the end of my current (last) bottle. Soooo, without further ado, let’s get going!

1. How do you keep your head while all around are losing theirs?

Ha! I’m usually the one losing mine while everyone keeps theirs and looks at me curiously! But my keeping-my-head mechanism is basically to focus on what I can do, right now, and don’t think about what comes after. For example, I am planning a huge house reconstruction project next year. It involves moving out for six months, finding a ridiculous amount of cash, project managing the actual build, and probably (definitely) endless disagreements with the Husband about the aesthetics (I’m very much a slap-on-the-magnolia person myself. Sorry.) All that is to come, and if I thought about it too much, I would run screaming into the distance, absolutely terrified with the enormity of it all. So I’m not allowing myself to think about it. I’m just dealing with the bit I CAN deal with right now, which is working with the architect to get a design we are happy with, and getting that to planning.  Once that’s done, I’ll worry about the next bit. And THEN run screaming into the distance.

2. What do you wish you could know about your future?

I wish, I WISH I knew whether I had done a good enough job with my kids. Good enough so that they are happy, and resilient, and comfortable in their skins, are able to stand up for what they believe is right, and happy, and happy.

3. What do you wish you could tell yourself of 10 years ago?

I wish I could tell myself that I would have three wonderful children, and to stop worrying about when they would decide to come along.

4.If you could only take 3 of your belongings with you to a desert island, which ones would you choose?

Do kids count as belongings? Because I’d take them, for sure. The biggest could hunt and gather, the middlest could entertain me with her stories and games, and the littlest could keep me warm at night with his (fast disappearing) toddler squidginess. If kids aren’t allowed…hmmm. Does the island have wifi? In which case my kindle, my MacBook Air and a radio. No wifi or radio signal? Bugger that for a game of soldiers, I’m staying put!

5. What was or would be your first dance at your wedding?

It was Pulp – Something Changed. It was going to be the Wannadies – You and Me, Always And Forever but the Husband can’t dance, I can’t dance, so we bottled it and went for a slow sort of slooping around sort of one that we couldn’t mess up too badly.

6. Champagne or tea?

Tea. Always. Except if the champagne was beer. Though I’d still need tea, periodically.

7. Why do you blog?

I started to create a record of our family life, but now I’d say I do it because I enjoy it. I find writing weirdly relaxing, and often it helps me work through something in my head. Also I quite enjoy the idea of learning to write properly, so that one day I might write stuff for publication – having the blog gives me the opportunity to practise on you kind folk!

8. What is your worst habit?

Ooooh so many to choose from. There’s the not being able to fart quietly any more (thank the forceps and a large baby for that – I always USED to be able to manage it). There’s the hiding the chocolate in the salad drawer habit, because none of the little sweethearts think to look in there when they’re raiding the fridge. There’s the swearing whilst driving (not at other people I hasten to add, but at myself and my general driving muppetry). But my worst habit? Worse than all the other worst ones? Hmmmm….probably the fact that I overthink everything, ever, to a ridiculous extent. And if I’ve had a couple of beers, I make anyone who’s around me listen to my overthinking out loud, ad infinitum. Never go for a beer with me. It’s soul destroying.

9. Which one word describes you best?



Yay, nine questions and I’m not at the bottom of my beer yet….so it’s time for nine bloggers who I would like to nominate for the highly prestigious Liebster award!

Bad Mummy Diary – this lady tells it like it is. She’s been a bit quiet lately, probably traumatised by Tarquin’s Mum and her frickin’ annoying friends. But I for one am looking forward to her reappearance!

The Secret Divorcee – The lovely lady behind this anonymous blog nearly closed it down when she got outed but thankfully she thought better of it, and simply reopened for business elsewhere. Reflections on motherhood, post divorce relationships and, er, sex in campervans. It was the last bit wot sold it, your honour.

Put Up With Rain – Sometimes heartbreaking, often hilarious and always straight from the heart, I love Put Up With Rain. But please don’t, whatever you so, go to her blog and search for Michael Gove.

Katdesigner – a very new blog from my friend Kat, who has given herself 92 days to become a full time designer and is blogging as she goes. She’s on Day 25 and doing pretty well so far!

Free Falling into 40 –  I free-fell into 40 quite a little while ago, sadly. But it’s always good to know that one is not free falling alone, and that is why I enjoy this blog so much. Also full of top tips on how to nip out and shop for the new season whilst one is supposedly ‘in a meeting’ and other such shopping related skives that would be useful, if I didn’t work in, er, Splott.

Mutteringmummy – I think I’d have fun with mutteringmummy if we ever met. Covering everything from the dark side of twitter to the Dummy Fairy, oh and coming out to her other half (as a BLOGGER, of course) this blog always puts a smile on my face.

Complicated Gorgeousness – A lovely blog by Gabe’s Mum, which has recently featured the truest post in the word, ever – The Forgotten Art of Going Out. Read it, nodding and yessing as you go!

She said this, he said that – I love the concept of this blog, created by @adadcalledspen and @mamapolitico. The latter now has a swish new job, so her pen is being wielded by @pols80 – either way, it’s a win. Head over to read some ‘he said, she said’ adventures by three talented bloggers.

Kate on thin ice – Kate is ‘on a middle aged quest to rediscover her va-va-voom’. Which she has started by getting her kit off on her ‘About Me’ page! Yes REALLY! I’m very much enjoying Kate’s journey from kit-off to sparkly frock, and I think you might like it too…

And finally, my nine questions for the nine Liebstered Ladies! (plus Spencer of course…)

1. What tipped you over the edge from thinking ‘I’d like to blog’ to actually writing your first post?

2. You could be anywhere, right now. Where? And why?

3. Twitter. Love it or hate it?

4. What’s your favourite joke?

5. Are you a shouty stormer-outerer, or a silent sulker?

6. What’s your absolute worst fear?

7. How often you do you cry?

8. Are you superstitious and if so in what way?

9. Which blog post are you most proud of?


So, lovely liebsters, I shall look forward to reading your creations one day soon!



On being Liebstered!

Wow wow wow. I was going to fire up the laptop tonight to do some work on raising the profile of LearnerMother – I know I’m supposed to do some stuff signing up with a google thingy and also I need to get  my head round the nofollow business, and I also need to install the dropbox plugin to back up my witterings – basically I am SUPPOSED to be doing blogging homework. But then I discovered that I have been nominated for a Liebster, by Lucas over at AbstractLucas!


I hadn’t heard of the Liebster before so I did some research – it’s a shout out to highlight new blogs which some lovely person thinks are worthy of a profile boost. Yay! That means today’s reader liked my blog! Bonus!

So the way it works is that you have to answer 11 questions set by the lovely blogger that nominated you, reveal 11 random facts about yourself, set another 11 questions and tag 11 other blogs you enjoy. I *think* that’s the deal.


So here’s the questions set by AbstractLucas…

1- If you HAD to change your name,  what would you change it to and why?

I would change it to Georgina, because I have always wanted to be called George. Too much Famous Five when I was little, I think!

2  – When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a paediatrician, or a writer. Not enough grey matter for med school; but with a seven week old blog, hey, I’m living the writing dream!

3 – What was the most recent lie you told?

‘There aren’t any biscuits, sweetheart’.’ Because a) they are bad for their little teeth and b) I wanted a supply to see me through my blogging homework. But mostly a.

4 – What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Tea and a marmite roll and tea and tea.

5 – What famous person do you think you would get on really well with, if you happened to meet them (and why)

I would love to go for a pint with Lucy Mangan, because her writing makes me think, makes me laugh and is beautifully crafted without being pretentious.  I think we’d get on well – until I got to the third pint and started carrying on in a slightly drunk and intense fashion about how she is the writer I always wanted to be….

6 –  Have you ever cheated on anything or anyone?

Yes but I am the crappest cheater in the world so I always confess to my misdemeanours!!

7 – If your life was a film, what kind of film would it be and what would it be called?

It would be a pretty boring film to be fair. So it would have to be a short one. Like me. What would it be called? Ummm. I don’t know. Shirty Shorty?

8 –  How many works of Shakespeare can you name (without googling!)

Hamlet, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the Merchant of Venice, a bunch of sonnets, Much Ado About Nothing, Henry V, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest, King Lear, Othello, Anthony and Cleopatra, OOOOPS I just cheated. But only for the last two.

9 – What is your favourite line from a film?

What the WHAT? You think I have time for films? I have seen, on average, one film a year for the last seven years. (I am not counting anything Disney, Pixar or Aardman. I’ve seen shedloads of those. More than shedloads). Anyway. TV wise, I am partial to a bit of 30 Rock, and my favourite line from the show is…What the WHAT?

10 – If you suddenly and unexpectedly became President or Prime Minister or {insert superior political / military position here} of your country, what is the very first thing that you would do?

I would make corporation tax mandatory, not optional and dependent on how far up someone’s bottom you are prepared to climb (see UK Uncut Legal for more details). I’d also outlaw any and all donations to political parties and give them all the same amount to campaign with. That last one is my mate’s idea, but it’s a good one, and he doesn’t do blogs, so I’m fairly safe to nick it. Oh and I’d make owning property, except the property you live in, illegal.

11 – What special talent do you have that you think you should be world famous for?

Ha! I was lamenting this only yesterday! I have no special talent at all I am afraid – I’m crap at a lot of things and ok at a lot of things. The only real thing I am known for is GSD – getting shit done. You want something done? Wind me up and watch me go. I just can’t help myself. I’d love to be able to switch that gene off for just a minute, then I wouldn’t be so knackered all the time.


So – those are my eleven answers. Here’s my eleven random facts…


1 – My actual name is Michelle Davisova. Because I got married in the Czech Republic, and the way it works there is that you take your husbands name and add an -ova to it. But I think it sounds a bit pretentious so Davis it is.

2 – Property is Theft. I do actually think that. Not owning a home, but owning a second home, or a third, or a bunch. It just sticks in my craw that property prices are so out of the reach of so many people. I think you should take what you need in life, and taking more than one home is just wrong.

3 – I have a twitter crush on @Cmdr_Hadfield. I am totally gutted that he is coming off the International Space Station in 2 weeks and I spend far too much time thinking about how it just won’t be the same, having another astro tweet from space.

4 – I would rather give a presentation to a hundred people, than be put in a room with a hundred people and have to ‘network’.

5 – I thought I’d be a brilliant mum. I’m not.

6 – The job I enjoyed most, ever, was waiting tables in college.

7 – Since I got pregnant with my first child, my tearducts are a bit weird. Like they fill up randomly and unexpectedly. If I am talking about something and get even a little bit animated, my eye fill with tears. It’s embarrassing.

8 – I am absolutely terrified of flying. I do it, but I hate it. There’s a little bit of me that is glad we’re skint, so we can’t afford to go on a plane anywhere. And I’m already worrying about if we ever get not skint, so I’ll have to deal with it.

9 – I sort of regret not making my blog anonymous. Being ‘out’ severely limits the blogging-for-therapy options.

10 – I’m knackered. Always.

11 – I genuinely suspect that I have early-onset Alzheimers. I had to refer to my own daughter as ‘Thingy’ the other day and such occurrences are becoming more common. I’m really hoping it’s just taking me a long time to get over my baby brain. But I’m mentally working round the possibilities and implications for our life if it’s true.


Now – eleven questions:

1 – Mac or PC?

2 – What’s your favourite joke?

3 – What’s your favourite city and why?

4 – Marmite – love it or hate it?

5 – Are you friends with your exes?

6 – Do you believe in horoscopes?

7 – What would you change about yourself, if you had to pick one thing?

8 – Is your life turning out how you thought, or totally different, or better, or worse? Why?

9 – Is blood thicker than water?

10 – Where’s your heart – city or country?

11 – Have you ever eaten anything you’ve grown?


Ok. Now the eleven bloggers to pass this on to…here are some of the blogs I’ve really enjoyed over the last few weeks…

Ar Flaen Ei Thafod

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Instinctive Mum


A Year Without Supermarkets


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Beach Life Etc

Julia’s Place


Ok. I *think* I have done it right. Except telling those folk who I’ve Liebstered, and that will have to wait till tomorrow because this lady needs her sleep! Thankyou to abstractlucas for nominating me, and goodnight!