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On getting some of it right, some of the time


I spend a lot of time stressing about all the stuff I do wrong. Too much rushing, not enough enjoying. Too much shouting, not enough playing. Too much cheesy pasta, not enough broccoli. Too much advice, not enough advice, the wrong sort of advice.  And I still feel horrendously guilty about the time when they were all very small and I was lost in the tunnel, and it was all I could do to get from one end of the day to the other, let alone be a Good Mother. Looking to the future, I worry a lot about the fact that my relationship with my own mother growing up was, ahem,  extremely tricky from age 11 till a very few years ago, (though much, much happier now) and that this pattern will repeat itself with my kids.

So finding the picture above tucked in the bottom of my daughter’s lunchbox one day this week brought a massive, HUMOUNGUS, grin to my face, one that hasn’t quite left it for a few days. Look, I’m smiling! And holding my arms out for a massive hug! And surrounded by hearts! Normally I’d assume that she has drawn a picture of one of the vastly more fun adults in her life, but she’s actually labelled it ‘Mam!’  – it’s definitely ME!

I hope this means that I am getting some of it right, some of the time. 🙂
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