On getting back to normal!

So – the minute i allow myself to relax in the knowledge that life is running smoothly, it all goes tits up.

The kids had brilliant parents evenings, the surprise trip to Legoland is all planned and booked, the 3yo has a sleepover with his Nanny while the big ones have their friends staying over tonight. AND I have negotiated a free Saturday to go to Mostly Women Doing Digital in Swansea.

Looking good, huh?

Well. Now there is snow – SNOW – forecast for Monday at Legoland. But that’s fine, we can cope with that, I think to myself – I will just fire up the cold/wet weather project plan.*

Then I get a call from my Mum. The 3 yo has projectile vomited. Ok, we can work with this. I’ll drive to Mums’s and stay there with him, in the (probably vain) hope that he doesn’t pass it on to the bigger ones, plus sleepover friends. I’m a bit gutted as I was actually quite looking forward to spending some time with them all – but still, there’ll be another time.

So I’m driving up to Mums’s when the car starts juddering, like proper, bone shaking juddering. Oh, I think. Flat tyre maybe? I’ll get off the motorway, pull in and check it out. But as I slow down on the slip road, the juddering stops and for a few relieved minutes, I think maybe the motorway surface was just more bumpy than I’d remembered. Then the burning smell starts. And every time I go above 50, we are back to juddering. And smelling of burning. FFS.

Hmmmm. A buggered car, a vomiting child, no trip to Swansea, and a snowy and probably vomity Legoland. Life’s back to normal!

*yes, there is one. I am that sad.

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