Disney on Ice at the Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff

Disney on Ice at the Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald with their faithful helpers!

Oh. My. Goodness. If you had been a fly on the wall in our house over the last few weeks, you would have heard not a single sentence from my girl in the middle, that didn’t include the words ‘Disney On Ice and the Magical Kingdom’. The excitement has been building to a fever pitch and I’m quite sure that not a jot of work was done in Dosbarth Matholwch today either by her, or by her two friends who were coming along with her, apologies to their class teacher!

Though her and her friends were lucky enough to go to the Disney on Ice show last year, they didn’t really know what to expect. This time around, the memories of last year’s trip only added to the excitement, to the point that I was quite relieved when the lights went down and a hush finally descended on them and the rest of the auditorium,  chock full of mini Elsas and Annas, in honour of the fact that the cast of Frozen would be making an appearance!

But before the rink was transformed into Arendelle, there was plenty of magic to entertain us, with Mickey and Minnie introducing the show, helped out by my childhood favourites Goofy and Donald Duck. First up was a comic turn from the ones that we all love to hate, the Ugly Sisters, swiftly followed by a fantastic display by the cast of The Little Mermaid, including some very impressive (and frankly terrifying!) aerial stunts by Ariel herself. The various  sea creatures from the story made for a veritable explosion of colour on the ice, as they swirled and whirled around under the guidance of Sebastian the lobster. There was so much energy in this part of the show that it almost felt like a finale!

Disney on Ice at the Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
Sebastian, Ariel and the rest of the Under the Sea crew

Scenes from Tangled (or Rapunzel, as us oldies will insist on calling it!) followed, including the handsome Flynn and his horse – now, if you thought skating on two legs was tricky enough, try skating on two legs while holding on to someone else’s backside and inside a pantomime horse!! Truly impressive stuff with which to end the first half!

After a brief interval, we all took our seats again for a lovely romp through Beauty and the Beast, with Belle being persuaded by Mr Chips and pals not to desert the horribly disfigured Beast – who of course transforms into the handsome Prince in a puff of smoke once he receive’s true love’s kiss. Aaaah!

No sooner had the girls finished cheering for Belle and Beast’s happy ending, than Kristoff and Sven (yep, that’s another poor skater bent double hanging on to someone else’s bottom!) made a rock star entrance with Anna and Olaf hot on their heels. This was the moment everyone had been waiting for and it definitely didn’t disappoint, with a sing-and-skate through of all the Frozen favourites, supported by a word perfect audience, right through to the final, heartfelt rendition of ‘Let It Go’.

Disney on Ice at the Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
Elsa and Anna

Once again, Disney on Ice did what Disney does so well – fairytales, magic, colourful characters, catchy tunes – with the added bonus of awesome antics on skates. It’s on in Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena until Sunday 3rd May, followed by a stint in Nottingham and Leeds, after which the forty-three talented skaters are I hope having a well deserved rest!

**Thank you to Feld Entertainment who kindly provided our tickets in exchange for a preview/review of the show**

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